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Information on the Jamarkus McFarland Recruitment

I've got a source that's pretty close to the athletic program. He was able to break the Muschamp Jimbo Fisher deal days before any of the pay sites or insiders had the info. so I trust him implicitly. He's given me the blessing to post the info because it's already out there in various forms, direct and innuendo, appearing on many different boards and in different circles.

First and foremost, Jarmarkus is a great player, a great student, and overall just a great kid.

Everything I've heard about the young man both public and private has been very positive. The problem is program(s) have offered his family extra benefits and inducements that go beyond the standard benefits that a typical student athlete enjoys. These offers of inducements were communicated to Mack Brown and Staff by McFarland's family. That in no way shape or form means that McFarland's family asked for extra benefits or inducements - it just means the subject was broached with the staff.

Upon hearing about the situation our staff chose to take a step back from the recruitment and formally document JM's recruitment thus far in an effort to get all parties involved onto the same page with respect to how The University of Texas conducts recruiting matters. This step likely was one of the factors that made any in-home visit by Texas difficult at this time.

The documentation also serves to place other parties on notice that Texas is aware of the recruiting shenanigans and will not look the other way going forward. If escalation is needed, the documentation will be provided to parties of interest and not necessarily just the NCAA gumshoes. I was told the JM example, as well as others, could be provided to the Conference powers-that-be to effect change of some sort.

I was also told that Muschamp's familiarity with the shady side of recruiting in the SEC is a big driver behind the new strategy that makes sure "everyone" is on the same page. With so much at stake looking the other way will no longer cut it when it comes to the blatant disregard for the rules shown by other programs. Think Spurrier, think Fullmer, and think Tuberville and the strategies they would implement to draw attention to competitors in an effort to dissuade these schoools from out and out cheating. Not to say these coaching examples are squeaky clean, but as my source couched it, "SEC coaches are used to hand-to-hand recruiting combat."

There are other rumors out there regarding the outlaw program involved here but they come from different sources and I'm not at liberty to discuss them.