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Professional Barking Bowl Bets

For our game within the game players, all six of you, I've taken the liberty of bringing in a hired gun. A big hitter, a Vegas insider, a modern day Jimmy the Greek mercenary with the sole purpose of making you money and deflecting criticism from me. We've paid him as handsomely as you would tip a Sonic car hop.

No, not that Greek, Henry James.

The first offering will include the totality of his bowl picks for those of you doing pool challenges and those of you degenerates that need to bet on every game. His best bets, the games he puts his dough on, are indicated below as well. These picks will be backed up by pretty damn extensive write ups that will be posted in short order. I'll post the first one right off the bat to give you an idea of how much time and effort he puts into these. Look for it sometime tonight, followed by the remainder of his write ups posted at least a day before the actual contest.

Kyle will also come back to answer your questions about the plays. His handle on this site is comeonminers. We're working on changing that, however, after the embarrassing mountain hand-job incident. This site certainly doesn't need that kind of bad pub for the audience we're trying to capture.

So, without further adieu, I offer you Vegas Kyle's picks.

Definite Plays
Wake forest -2.5
Tcu -- best bet -2.5 two unit best bet.
Southern miss +5
Notre dame +1 ( up to -2 )
Louisiana tech +1
Nevada -1.5
Georgia tech -3.5
Iowa -3 two unit best bet
Clemson -2.5
Ole miss +4.5

Possible plays and Leans
Wisconsin +5.5
Ncstate +7.5
Georgia -7.5
Tulsa +2.5

Pools ATS
Colorado state +3
Memphis +11.5
Byu +3.5
Florida atlantic +7
North carolina +1
Miami florida +8
Northwestern +12
Rice -2.5
Pitt +2.5
Boston college -3.5
Minnesota +9.5
Uconn -5
Texas -8

Least Favorites/Gun to my Head
Penn st +9.5
Utah +10
Cincy -2.5
Kentucky +3
Florida -3

Notre dame
Southern Miss
Louisiana tech
Ole miss
NC State

If you need a double digit longshot with a chance to win

Thanks for the invite. I'll be happy to answer any questions for those of you that still have money after tailing Trips Right's plays.