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USM's DeAndre Brown Breaks Leg

Warning, it's pretty graphic, but the reason I'm posting it is two fold.

First, right when it happened the first thing I could say, well after "that's nasty", was crap I've got to have the worst luck as a football gambler. First Pittsburgh gets the last second covering touchdown overturned three weeks ago, and now Southern Miss' best player gets injured Mike Sherrard style. Yes I'm a selfish bastard. Three hundred and thirty dollars to Guido just because the kid didn't drink his milk.

The second reason I'm posting this is because the DB's reaction is classic and exactly what I would have done. After offering a hand to help Brown up, the DB grabs his helmet with both hands and does a 180 degree hop away from the injury when he realizes DeAndre has a second "knee". Wow.

And for all you holier than thou's, kid will have a couple titanium rods put in and be back to normal. No, better than normal. Stronger. Faster. Better. Six million dollar man style.

Watch before you've had your lunch.