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Barking Bowl Bets...TCU -3 vs. Boise State

Not the intricate write up you've grown accustomed to during our 2-0 win streak. But still, this is our favorite play of the bowl season. So put two units on it. Some reasons for betting on the Horned Frogs.

Style points anyone?


TCU has shut down every rushing attack on their schedule including Oklahoma. The Sooners managed a pathetic 25 yards rushing against the Horned Frogs causing Bob Stoops' goiter to finally engulf his mandible leaving any semblance of a jaw line appearing at his mastoid process. Cameras caught him lisping incoherently into Gary Patterson's ear at the end of the ballgame.

Even more impressive is TCU gives up a paltry 3.9 yards per play overall to a schedule that stands to gain 5.4 yards per play against an average schedule. Against Oregon, the only comparable defense to that of TCU on the schedule, Boise rushed for 54 yards on 32 carries. The Ducks are nearly a full yard worse defending the run than TCU. Boise will not move the ball on ground against the purple menace which affects the Bronc's ability to successfully use trick and misdirection plays, since most of these plays are predicated on having success on the ground. The fact that BSU can't run the ball and won't be lining up against a Sooner defense with a collective IQ of 65, means big plays will be hard to come by for the Broncos.

On offense, I'd take TCU's athletes over Nevada, a team that racked up nearly 400 yards of offense against BSU.

Plus, we already have indications that the MWC plays better football than the WAC after watching a 6-6 CSU squad rack up 619 yards of offense, including over 300 yards rushing on the WAC's Fresno State.

I'd give the motivational edge to TCU, because undefeated Boise had to have had their sights set on bigger and better things after getting through the schedule undefeated. The Mexican Christmas Flower bowl? Seriously? Feliz Navidad Ian Johnson.

Instead the Broncs play a pissed off TCU team looking to beat THE non-BCS glamour team. A glamour team because of the way it Statue of Liberty-ed its way into the hearts and minds of underdogs everywhere by winning a Fiesta bowl against an opponent with as much talent as the 2008 Detroit Lions and a payroll to match.

TCU rolls in this one and exposes Boise on national TV. 31 to 14 Lascivious Ranas.