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Wisconsin Halftime Thoughts

We're playing very well with the exception of some careless turnovers.

We're controlling tempo with some token pressure, tough on ball defense, and good tempo in our half court sets. Our sped up tempo has led to some uncharacteristic bad shots by the Badgers. Unfortunately, they're hitting most of them. That won't continue.

Mason is struggling guarding the basketball. Running the show is taking its toll on him.

Hughes will come back down to earth. Balbay is slowing him down. If Balbay only had a J, he'd be our answer.

Our ball reversal off of the dribble handoff has gotten our bigs a couple easy looks. We missed this component Saturday.

Foul shooting? Who is that in burnt orange? We missed 1 foul shot?

We'll win if we take care of the basketball.