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New York Times Texas Hit Piece Regarding McFarland

In case you missed it, the NYT wrote a comical hit piece about the goings on in the Jamarkus McFarland recruitment. Among the more asinine things written, were descriptions of Texas offering drug parties and interest free loans to JM in an effort to pry him away from the "little engine that could" personifying Oklahoma Sooner recruiting. I mean fuck, if a school can't offer auto-pilot grades, salaries for no work, and a free Lexus, then really, how can a school recruit?

Anywho, the douchebag that wrote the piece for the NYT just so happened to write the Darrell Scott hit piece. In the "that fucking figures" category, said douchebag is an Oklahoma hack and homer. Check it out. And so the story goes from the ridiculous to the sublime. By the way, if Thayer finds time between cropping his mullet and acid washing his jorts, I'd love to compare notes with him.