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L'Affaire McFarland and The Media

I don't write at length here very often as I'm not much of a writer, which I will now go to great lengths to demonstrate.

This paucity of creative talent on my part is why we pay the big talent guys like Trips Right and Scipio Tex in beaucoups wampum. Chooky gets paid in blotter acid, CTJ in sportsmanship trophies and Doperbo in anything from the Clos Vougeot appellation. I'm sending it this week, Doperbo, I swear.

For me, like many of us, the Sooner / Horn pissing matches that often bubble over in the comments are of little interest. They are repetitive, pedestrian and unfortunate byproducts of a very intense rivalry, offering far more heat than light. Texas fans know the OU football program is the sine qua non of the University. For me personally there isn't much debate after that. I don't have the time or inclination to re-program a Jim Jones disciple.

My interest in this McFarland thing centers more on the world of media, so I wanted to expand on some of Trips thoughts and throw out some quick thoughts.

This guy, Thayer Evans, is ostensibly a writer for the New York Times covering college sports.

Thayer Evans

Thayer Evans is a freelance writer who has been contributing to The New York Times for more than two years. Evans also writes for the Houston Chronicle as well as other newspapers and magazines. He played college basketball at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, an NAIA school in Bartlesville, Okla.

Bartlesville, Holla!

As I scan his blogography of late at the Grey Lady Internets division, it seems he's pretty much writes about OU. And only OU. I never would have thought the NYT would have an OU beat writer.

Boomer Sooner?

Not that the NYT has ever pretended to be any sort of impartial voice but having this guy reporting the news seems disingenuous at best. Scanning page one reveals every article has an OU slant.

Does anyone really think that an article comparing and contrasting Texas and OU in a recruiting battle written by this guy was conceived and framed in an unbiased way?

To me this is another small example of why newspapers in general are circling the drain and the little blogs that could are seeing more readers. In a world of (arguably) high-quality content atomizing across the web, physical distribution might ain't what it used to be. What does that mean long-term for the newspaper of record, Mr. Sulzberger? More Sooner fans writing sports? Not a great strategy.

Also, Thayer, paisano, if you want to attribute something to an Internet rumor, then link it up. Otherwise, you can't be taken seriously. If you'd like to have a discussion with us, we're game. I can only surmise that he's attributing much of this to the story that appeared here, so "credit" where credit's due.

Also, I'll put a hundy on Trips Right to clean your clock in a game of of 1 on 1 hoops. Make it, take it. You get the rock first.

Lastly, the Carnival mega media empire is continuing its expansion and we'll be launching a Sooners blog soon. Let me know you're interested!