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Jamarku$ McFarland already backtracking on New York Times story

A tip of the cap to poster 98 for the heads up. Outstandingly predictable snippets about Thayer's Fantasy Island article on the McFarland recruitment.

The Times article included inflammatory statements McFarland had written about the recruiting practices of Texas and LSU for a senior English class assignment.

McFarland said he embellished a passage taken from the English paper detailing free alcohol and drugs and topless women at a party of Texas fans in Dallas.

"Some things we knew were kind of mixed up because (the reporter) got a paper of mine," McFarland said. "The paper I wrote for an English class – it was spiced up a little bit for class. But a majority of it was correct.

"I could have said I just went to a party. For an English paper – I'm taking a college course – you've got to explain. It's brainstorming. If I knew he was getting it, I would have known what was right and what wasn't right."

McFarland declined to indicate what parts of his English paper were "spiced up," but reiterated no Texas players or coaches were at the party in Dallas.

He said he was not sure how the Times reporter obtained the English paper but suspected a family member had given it to him.

"I didn't know he had it," McFarland said, referring to Times reporter Thayer Evans. "He came to my house one time when I dropped LSU (from consideration) just to observe. I think he got it then."

A lavish party hosted by boosters, coaches or players during the recruitment of a prospect as McFarland described in his paper is forbidden by NCAA.

McFarland said neither he nor his mother have heard from the NCAA since the story was published. He said he has not spoken to Texas or LSU since the story ran.

Hilarious crawfishing going on from the sooner camp. Credibility shot. Game over for sooner backers. Again, from Rivals. Some interesting comments from Jamarkus' handler mother.