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Tress Gets His Q Package On

Inspired by our abortive effort in utilizing the McCoy/Chiles Q package (which Barking Carnival Readers dubbed The Cluster Flux) word out of Ohio is that we may see Todd Boeckman on the field at the same time as Terrelle Pryor. Think of the kinetic energy that will crackle when the 240 pound Boeckman and his 4.95 40 takes the field next to Pryor!

The Ohio State blogworld is quite excited at the prospect:

The word is that we could see some plays that featuring both Todd Boeckman and Terrelle. I assume that Todd would be the QB and TP would line up as a WR, but any combo with both of them could give the Texas defensive coordinators fits.

Warning to Ohio: spice for its own sake is like putting Grey Poupon in a milkshake. I know you want variety; this isn't the variety you're looking for.

I throw down the gauntlet to our readership: name this package.

My first submission:

Ebony And Agony

Winner gets a pair of Ohio State crocs.