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Big 12 QBs, the NFL, Passing Trees

A great article on Big 12 QBing from our friends at Atomic Teeth.

Obviously, the Big 12's NFL dearth at the position will be bridged somewhat by guys like Bradford, Freeman, and McCoy, but the Big 12's move to the spread isn't necessarily predictive of NFL development. The mobile nifty guys like Reesing and Daniel and the system accurate guys like Harrell aren't going to see too many Sundays unless they can find a unique niche, but they're pretty damn effective college QBs. Conversely, a stiff like Todd Boeckman will be shuffling around a NFL training camp next year.

Why? This:

The NFL hath ordained that if you cannot throw 4, 7, and 9 you can't play in the league. The blood of weak-armed college QBs shall water the passing tree of liberty.