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Halftime Thoughts on the Basketball Game (Texas Longhorns @ Arkansas Razorbacks)

The game is playing out exactly as discussed in the preview.

Offensively, if Texas moves the ball and makes the extra pass they'll get dunks and layups. If they settle for jumpers early in the shot clock, it plays right into Arkansas' hands with runouts and layups. Essentially the more passing and rotation that Texas has in a given possession, the better the shot. Simple. Arkansas is too young and undisciplined to guard for more than 15 seconds.

As for the zone it's Arkansas only hope and it's a bad harbinger of things to come for next year's group. Texas simply can't be effective with one legit shooter on the floor. Abrams isn't getting any good looks because there isn't another deep shooting threat and dribble penetration to a kick is a non-factor.

Defensively, Arkansas is a bad offensive basketball team if you make them shoot over the top. Their bigs struggle with their back to the basket, and their guards get everything off of dribble penetration. No midrange game to speak of. If Arkansas ever faced a sagging M2M defense like Washington State's they'd be done for. Texas' quickness and athleticism has kept UA's guards out of the lane and stymied UA's attack. The Hogs don't break 20 at half if Texas hadn't given them easy runout buckets off of poor shot selection.

In a nut shell, if Texas doesn't win by double digits, I'll be disappointed. The blue print is easy. No assembly required.