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KU wins yet another Big 12 basketball title and hiphopopotamus proclaims that Phog was a'rockin' when the Horns came a'knockin' and that he (and KU's players) consider Texas KU's true Big 12 basketball rival:

Major kudos to Texas for coming out loose, fired up and ready to win. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. As a school our rival is clearly Missouri. Of this there is no question. And K-State is obviously something of a rival as well. No one likes to lose to baby brother. But there really is no comparison right now to our basketball rivalry with Texas. I’m unsure if all the fans feel or even realize it yet, but the players would confirm it without a shadow of a doubt..

I agree. Too bad the rivalry is one-sided. KU basketball is a great measuring stick and I consider Self the best coach in college basketball.


Football recruiting. CB Adrian White is set to announce this Friday. It's expected to be to Texas. This would end our DB recruiting. I read and hear mixed reports on White, but his offer list is persuasive.


Reggie Wilson - the standout DE from Haltom - will announce in late March. He's picking between TCU, OU, Texas.

Texas has a very good shot.

OU has an important in: a pro-Sooner Haltom staff. Don't discount TCU - Wilson's family is from the Ivory Coast and football tradition and program pedigree is largely lost on them. There could be some appeal for a tight family to have their kid twenty minutes down the road in Fort Worth.

Ghost of Big Roy from BON opines:

If he decides he wants weather similar to his native country, Austin seems like the easy choice, though academics are professedly more important for Wilson.

Mmmm...yes. Wilson longs for a tropical/equatorial transitional climate found only in Austin, but not Fort Worth. Thankfully, academics override this deep pining. I count ourselves lucky that we're not competing with an elite Trinidadian engineering college.


EDSBS's Spencer Hall goes the extra mile in an interview with ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes, a bit of a Bay Area legend and obssessive endurance freak. Dean can actually fill an unforgiving minute with ninety seconds of distance run. Also, stretching is for pussies.


Former Sooner chemical experiment Tony Mandarich Brian Bosworth was arrested for drunk driving in Hollywood. Would you like to see 35 action photos of this arrest? And receive confirmation that our police departments the nation over possess absolutely no physical fitness standards? Brian Bosworth busted by motor-cherub lawman

h/t: The Wiz of Odds