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Pics of Sergio Kindle's crash site

When we at Barking Carnival heard about Sergio Kindle's accident, we immediately dispatched our staff photographer to the scene to get some pictures. In other words, I drove by this morning and took some pictures with my iphone before I got breakfast tacos.

The accident occurred at 2704 Rio Grande, and the apartment into which Kindle drove is part of a huge complex. Rio Grande is two lanes but one way. The white truck wouldn't normally be there at 2 am so it looks like Kindle hopped the curb and then ran into the building with his left front fender.

I wanted to reenact the scene like Vincent D'Onofrio reenacted the Kennedy assassination in 'The Salton Sea,' but Sailor Ripley was worried that some pigeons might get hurt. PETA fag.

So it looks like Kindle lost control while texting. Or he was influenced by Jefferson West's advertising campaign.

"it's the place to be..."