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Southwest Classic

So the Aggies and Razorbacks are set to play this October in Dallas at the new Cowboys Stadium. It's the first of a ten year series. Exciting!

And what better way to generate excitement than unveiling a logo for the event? Well there are a lot of better ways actually. For one they could have gotten two better teams. Like Texas vs LSU. Or even one better team. Like Arkansas vs TCU. Or A&M vs LSU.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the logo.

The Aggie release says the game is "the revival of what once was the year ending showdown." What? As far as I know they've never played the last game of the year against each other. Of course I forgot that Texas played Rice in Houston in 2006 so maybe they did.

Arkansas one upped the Aggies by releasing an online (or on-line as they call it) commercial.