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British Open Preview

This should be fun.

ESPN is providing live coverage of every round at 3 AM for the golf pricks out there that re-grip their clubs every other week, keep a putter at the office, and wake up at night to pisrr50 every 10 minutes.

I think we've adequately covered the subspecies Golficanus Prickofficus so we'll leave you to Dan Jenkins for further entertainment.

"You've heard that tour pros fear only wind and water. For us, add the fish pie in the press center."
about 9 hours ago via typewriter

This will be his 47th British Open. He doesn't need cologne at this point, he just naturally exudes St. Andrews Bentgrass Musk. Admit you want a sniff of that more than the July model of the Odyssey Two-Ball putter. Blows away June's.

You can't miss! Until August ...

Free tote bag to whoever predicts the winner. And everyone gets a blog if John Daly wins.