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Tuesday Night Headlines: Nebraska Out, DJ Monroe In

Some pretty big news coming out of the Texas Program and the Big 12 especially for a Tuesday night.

First off, let’s start with breaking personnel news that Major Applewhite divulged to the media today about the running back position. Evidently DJ Monroe has been getting mucho reps with the running backs at practice so far this week according to Teh Major.

The much maligned speedster rates to be a big part of Texas’ game plan against UCLA if you triangulate what Major said today and what Mack himself said in Monday's Press Conference—that DJ Monroe played well against Tech and deserves more playing time.

Now most folks including Scipio will have you believe that an injection of a talent like Monroe at the running back position is just the salve we need to cure our running game wounds, but I’m not buying it.

What I am buying is that putting a speedster like Monroe in the backfield or at wingback along with another running back will help Davis trip and fall into some creativity ala the first drive of the MNC game against ‘Bama. Much like you trip and fall into a bar in Juarez that happens to feature a donkey show. Things happen for a reason.

Now does it mean we’ll fully use Monroe’s talents like Urban Meyer uses Rainey and Harvin before him? No. What it does mean, if you believe Blake Brockermeyer, is that Monroe is sometimes but a key block from a wide receiver away from housing one.

As Blake pointed out, if DJ gets that block from Kirk last Saturday, all of sudden Greg Davis goes from mouth-breathing buffoon to nasally nabob as DJ houses the end around. His lone play in the contest. By the way, if a kid is in your dog house, why play him on the first drive to begin with and then shelve him the rest of the contest. It doesn't compute and it's probably worthy of a whole 'nother post dog.

As for DJ in this week's game plan, that’s what an upgrade in talent gets you--potential for explosive plays that mitigate the need for sustained drives. See where I'm going with this?

It also gives OU another thing to prepare for going into next week. Win-win.

Moving on to conference talk, the big news in the Big 12 is Nebraska and the Big 12 Conference coming to terms on an exit settlement.

If you've followed the story you'd know Nebraska was on the hook for a $19 million dollar severance penalty for leaving the conference prematurely.

Word around the camp fire is that N is for Knowledge settled for 50 cents on the dollar with the negotiations wizard Dan Beebe. Rumor has it that Dan Beebe is half gipsy and dominated Persian bizaars prior to dabling in commissioning, imo.

Beebe's wizadry aside and even more interesting than the settlement to me is that Nebraska recoups half a million more shekels from the penalty fee if it happens to be one of the two teams the conference sends to a BCS game.


The conspiracy theorist in me can’t help but think Nebbie wasn’t going to get the benefit of many calls in conference games during its farewell tour anyway. With half a million more on the line after the school just shot Beebe the bird and took 9 million dollars in lunch money from the Aggies, Cyclones, Jayhawks, etc, I can’t help but think there will be some yellow laundry hell to pay for the Huskers as Big 12 officials vie for bonuses and cushy bowl game assignments.

It’s certainly something to watch for during the red-out game against the Horns in October. Yellow out anyone?