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Son Of A Preacher Man

Cam Newton, meet Marcus Dupree.

It's amusing to witness this whole Camapalooza get into fifth gear on the heels of a documentary about the courting of Marcus Dupree and his recruiting. Funny how these Men of God are working it.

Joe Schad has more information on the allegations. Of course he said Texas was in the Pac 10, so who knows.

Here's some video:

Also, Kirk Herbstreit joined Mike Squared on the radio.

I am shocked to hear that this information was presented to the SEC all the way back in January. Really, floored.

I am also really disappointed in Cam to hear that he was about to face expulsion from Florida from allegations of academic cheating.

Gene Chizik says it's all garbage.

Cam Newton says it's a lot of speculations.

I'm thinking Cam shouldn't play poker with Phil Helmuth.

"I'm not going to confirm nor deny nothing that has been taking place," Cam's father Cecil Newton said. He also described the recent happenings as a "witch hunt".

Cecil shouldn't take a seat at the poker table either.

He went on to say, "The fact that the erstwhile theocratic nature of society has so thoroughly atrophied has caused a bifurcation between moral laws and state laws. They are no longer one and the same. Putative sin and the status of an individual’s soul are no longer matters of public concern."

It is interesting to see the NCAA manning up in these cases. I also heard rumor of the G Men getting involved. Anybody seen Mulder on the scene?

I am liking Bama in the Iron Bowl and thinking post Reggie Bush, the DAC voting pool is not liking Cam as much as before. Also, when does BC get a Heisman vote? Joe Schad has one!

What do you guys think?