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Backyard Football -- Big 10 Style

Wrigley Field in Chicago will host its first college football game in 72 years Saturday when Northwestern (7-3) plays Illinois (5-5). It was set up last April, and both sides signed off on the setup, which has the field running from the 3rd base dugout to right field.

Then Wednesday they let the press in to take a look at the lay out, and suddenly a problem was pointed out to Big 10 officials.

So rather than have the ivy in right field serve as an extra DB Saturday, the Big 10 set up some guidelines for playing the game that sound like something you drew up your back yard as a kid. All offensive plays, including extra points and overtime possessions, will head toward the west end zone, the conference said. Kickoffs will be aimed to the east end zone, and run back to the west. After every change of possession, the ball will be repositioned, according to the Big Ten statement.

Northwestern gave up a home game for the move to Wrigley, so coach Pat Fitzgerald insisted that the field be painted in the colors of the Wildcats.

Wrigley Field was home for the Chicago Bears until 1970, and DePaul used it as their home field back over 70 years ago when they played football.

Beer will be sold at the stadium tomorrow, which is probably as good a reason as any to not use the endzone underneath the right field bleachers.