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Many of you are going to wake up on Saturday morning and see that the BCS has one less headache to worry about. The ending was fantastic and the whole game contained very unfamiliar and crazy stuff, like running games.

Since there probably won't be a story on this at all tomorrow, allow me to set the stage.

Boise takes a 24-7 lead into halftime and looked like they were going to blow the Wolfpack out. First half = not important.

Nevada comes back to tie the game at 24 late in the 4th quarter after getting their run game going. Wolfpack crowd is into it.

Boise gets a quick TD back on a 80 yard pass. Stomach punch to the crowd.

Colin Kaepernick has to drive the length of the field to try and tie the game. He does so with a TD pass on 2nd and goal from the 6 with Nevada having no timeouts. No timeouts meant that Nevada couldn't keep running, which was how they were able to move the ball on Boise. That game tying play was really the start of the madness as the play itself had Nevada players scrambling to get on the field and the play clock was at 1. Crowd fired up louder than anything at DKR this year.

Boise gets the kickoff back to the 40 yard line with 9 seconds left and Kellen Moore heaves a hail mary and somehow the Nevada secondary lets Titus Young get behind them and make a great diving catch at the 10 yard line and call a time out with one second left on the clock. Now Boise can kick a FG to win the game. Crowd = sullied. Nevada coach's pants = soiled.

On comes Kyle Brotzman, a 4 year starter and a guy that I had actually heard of before. The ball is perfectly in the middle of the hashmarks on the 15 yard line. And a team that has received so much magic over the past 8 years or so runs out of it. Brotzman pushes it wide right. Crowd back into it. Really back into it.

Boise gets the ball first in OT and converts a long 3rd down and then does nothing with the next 3 plays (Moore should have had one picked on 3rd and goal) to setup Brotzman again with an extremely straight and short FG attempt. In order to not push it right again, he simply compensates and completely duck hooks it left and misses it. Crowd going crazy. Someone might need to keep an eye out for that kid tonight. I'm not used to seeing Chris Peterson dejected after his teams failings but I actually felt bad for the Boise team tonight.

The rest was really a let down as Nevada ran it 3 times up the middle and their young kicker splits the uprights and the fans storm the field.

I'll let SynTex work out the BCS implications but someone in a big conference is happy. I actually thought, and still think, that Boise was a legit BCS team and would bet on them over any of the Big 10 or Big 12 teams that will now take their spot in the BCS. The game was well worth staying up till 1 AM for, even after the Nev +14 was locked up.

Gee was Money
Gee Money was right!