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Letting The Cat Out Of The Tote Bag

We had been working feverishly pre-Christmas to ready some new stuff for you, our faithful readers.

Then the Barking Carnival Office Christmas party...hit. This was a bit of a setback. The bail money, the lawyers and I don't have to tell you, dealing with the Embassy in Mexico City is always rife with bureaucracy.

And nobody really wants to see HenryJames out of his mime get up.

As you know, one of our on-going projects has been the construction of a really kick ass Tote Bag. After talking industrial design and calligraphy with Steve Jobs over lunch at Calafia, we decided to scrap the Tote Bag 2.0 design. Feature creep, imo.

Straight on to Version 3.0. Should be ready to go for Christmas 2011 for sure.

And yes, you have probably seen some pictures of the prototype. We asked DJ Monroe to give it a whirl and use a bit of discretion and report back to us. Well, DJ doesn't know that playbook either apparently.

dj monroe barking carnival tote bag

Stay tuned. More T Shirts and Tote Bags on the way soon.

Happy holidays.