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Your Official Monday Coaching Changes And Hires Open Thread and Omnibus

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So, we hired Darrell Wyatt as wide receivers coach/co-recruiting coordinator says Mack Brown Taco Bell Gong Texas Football Dot Com.

Just as we predicted a few weeks back and reported here first.

I love the quotes in terms of both enthusiasm and Bellmont-ese.

"This is just a tremendous opportunity for me and my family. Being a part of a program with such great history and tradition is very exciting. Having grown up in Texas and having played high school football here, it's great to come home to work for The University in the state."

An ability to capitalize The University in a quote is very well done.

"Texas is the type of place where the sky's the limit on what you can accomplish. They have great resources, a tremendous fan base and compete for championships. The level of expectations are extremely high and that's something I definitely will embrace."

Welcome to the Crucible.

"Coach Brown is pulling together a lot of new staff members and I'm thrilled to be a part of that energy. He's a guy I'm really looking forward to working for because he's won at the highest level and always does it with class. Coach Brown has great respect in the profession, supports a tremendous family atmosphere and empowers his coaches to do things the right way."

Man, I hope so. When I hear that people were being contacted as late as last week, that gives me pause.

George Wynn, who was either JAG or the most indispensable cog of the Longhorn program, depending on who you ask, hauled ass to Gainesville.

Apparently, Bo Davis is in Austin and was picked up at the airport by Marcus Tubbs. I hope he brought the Marcel Dareus starter kit and Colt McCoy's clavicle.

The Jesus apparently drowned in the communion wine but swears he'll get something up over at the Recruitocosm soon.

This page looks a bit sparse, though still features Cleve Bryant and Mad Dog.

What are you all hearing?