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Gordon Gee Tadpoled by Super Frog

The Big Ten needs to be wary of amphibians.

After Super Ginger (see below) asserted football dominance in the Rose Bowl over the Big Ten Conference Leader Wisconsin (or Legend?), TCU boosters assert billboard dominance over Gordon Gee.

Adam Jacobi of CBS Sports and Black Heart Gold Pants has this article showing several electronic billboards in Columbus congratulating TCU and referencing Gee's "Little Sisters of the Poor" comments earlier this football season.

Gratuitous Super Ginger Shot

I like the new era of alumni/fan snarkiness that we have entered. Electronic billboards and planes are more modern, possibly more cost effective, and sometimes more eco friendly than the traditional full page ad in the newspaper. This is even more fun than when it was Longhorn fans whining, which was kind of embarrassing and satisfying at the same time.

So, big mythical tote bags to Gordon Gee and Frog Nation for entertaining me for eight seconds.

The TCU mascot is named "Super Frog." I just thought you would want to know that.