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Traffic Light

When you Google Bob Fisher, you get a guy selling Chevrolet's in PA. That's not who I am interested in. I only drive cars crafted by Teutons. You know that.

If you look at some other results, you see this guy.

This is the guy I want you to know about.

Bob is so cool, he was ordained by a Voodoo high priest so he could be the officiant at my niece's wedding in New Orleans. I celebrated with a fried shrimp po boy and an Abita Amber. Actually, that was breakfast. I have a picture. I'll look for it.

The last time I hung with Bob, we were enjoying a set by Walter "Wolfman" Washington at the Maple Leaf in New Orleans. Bob is an encyclopedia of music, literature and pop culture. The last book he gave me was The Earl of Louisiana by A. J. Liebling. If you like hanging in Louisiana, it's a must read.

Bob has been a working writer in Hollywood for a long time. He is the guy who co-wrote Wedding Crashers. Maybe you saw that.

On Tuesday night, his latest creation is unveiled on the Fox Network. It's called Traffic Light. I want you to watch it. If you like it a little or love it, I want you to tell all of your friends. If you don't like it, I want you to keep it to yourself and assume the studio suits screwed this up. That's the way I'm going to treat it.

Good luck, Bob.