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Taylor Jungmann – His Place In The Longhorn Pitching Pantheon?

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The pantheon of Longhorn pitching immortals is well-established: Burt Hooton, Greg Swindell, Kirk Dressendorfer, Street father and son - to name a few - but right now we're seeing numbers from our junior ace which aren't just spectacular.

They are historic.

The 6-6, 220 pound junior ace is 10-0 with an impeccable 0.90 ERA. His strikeout to BB ratio is 81:14. He has allowed all of 10 extra base hits in 89 innings pitched. I'd wager that half of the hits against him are apologetic dribblers in the gap where the batter can't believe he made contact either and he's met at first base with a sarcastic congratulations.

In 310 opponent at bats, they are hitting .158 against him. ONE FIFTY EIGHT.

The UT record book has some lofty numbers and Jungmann seems to be the only starting pitcher in the last two plus decades capable of denting the God mode numbers put up by Kirk Killingsworth (single season .80 ERA in 1982 in only 67 IP) or Burt Hooton (.136 opponent BA in 1969) or Greg Swindell (6 shutouts in 1985).

My question to you is this.

UT is playing a best of 3 series against a group of bizarre aliens with the fate of the planet at stake (i.e. a series with Texas A&M). Who are your starting three all-time pitchers?

I think we may have reached a point where any answer without Taylor Jungmann does not compute.