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Dan Snyder to open fifth seal of the Apocalypse

The airwaves in DC are a aflutter this morning with reports that the Washington D.C. Native American's are interested in acquiring the services of Vincent Paul Young.

As those who follow the nation capital's illustrious football club know, our latest attempt at acquiring a quarterback was somewhat less than successful. This follows a decade of failed attempts to find a signal caller.

Remember me? Casey Weldon was a punk.

In some ways, this is a fantastic idea: Vince Young will probably cash in, big time. And Dan Snyder will satisfy his annual need to throw away a metric fuck ton of 2nd and 3rd round draft picks on failed free agents. Let's look at the other positives:

Supportive player's coach? Check

Independent general manager with astute talent analysis? Check

Competent owner with long term successful strategic vision for team? Check

I mean, how could it go wrong?