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AM Basketball Coaching Search Update

Marquette's Buzz Williams has already said you can't afford me and Colorado's Tad Boyle did the math on living in Boulder vs. College Station and winning in the Pac 12 (pretty easy) vs. the streamlined Big 12 (pretty hard) and said no thank you, but I appreciate you reaching out deranged-athletic-director- who-writes-incredibly-crazy-shit-with-no-self-awareness every Wednesday.

That leaves only one logical candidate. Wait for it....

Jeff Van Gundy

Bill Byrne has reached out to JFG and when Bill Byrne reaches out, people change their phone number and elementary schools hire security guards.

Jeff Van Gundy.

I couldn't more excited if that name was Jean Claude Van Damme.

Van Gundy lives in Houston and badly wishes to get back into coaching. And the college game is not alien to him. He was an assistant for Pitino at Providence. Although the world is too cruel a place to allow it to really happen, seeing a wise-cracking, human-shoe gum, fretting everyman sweating up the sideline and trying to make sense of Texas A&M would be good theater.

This may eventually be filed away under the Jimmy Johnson, next football coach at A&M!!! delusion that populated Aggie boards for several weeks pre-Sherm, but I'm holding on to this dream for a while longer until A&M announces the hire of some promising up and comer from Western Kentucky or some such.