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You Are Not Black Enough For Bernard Hopkins

And neither is Donovan McNabb. Know this.

What's that? You think you're pretty black? I'm here to tell you, you're not.

Do you think Dwyane is a perfectly good spelling of Dwayne/Duane/Don/Dan/Kevin?

Can you quote lines from Dolomite the way white nerds can quote entire stanzas of Monty Python?

Are you, in fact, actually black?

Doesn't matter. Bernard thinks your blackness lack-ness.

Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins, the craftiest counterpunching pugilist of our lifetime, the 46 year old medical marvel who can still sleep men half his age, a man brave enough to stomp on a Puerto Rican flag in front of a room of Puerto Ricans, will be defining blackness from now on. Consider this your notification.

You're welcome.

Bernard was kind enough to share a list of other things Not Black Enough.

Not Black Enough for Bernard Hopkins

Donovan McNabb


Paul Bettany




The white Olsen twin


Donovan McNabb again

Greg Gumbel

Anyone in roller skates

Any Cosby kid, even the black ones

Lennox Lewis

Kid, from Kid & Play

Play, from Kid & Play

Grady from Sanford and Son

The entire cast of Good Times

Cornel West

Black Ops

Black boxes


Black markets

Men In Black II

The Apollo Theater

Chicken and waffles


Howard University

Muslim Bakeries

Jack Johnson

George Washington Carver


Jim Brown

Malcolm X, after 1964


Angela Davis

Surprised me too.

The color black

Isaac Hayes

Black N Decker

Christian Okoye


The surface of Pluto

Any absence of visible light

Just Black Enough

Bernard Hopkins

Michael Vick (before he pussed)

Terrell Owens


In his public statements, Bernard has only released the names of three people or things Black Enough. I expect that list to expand to five, possibly six (Meryl Streep?), when Bernard has a chance to get around to it.

Stay tuned.