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Ronnie 'Buck' Major will report to Austin for Texas Longhorns Fall Camp


Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

More late qualifier Twitter fun after the Dev Clarington fustercluck of earlier today.

This news seems to be more concrete. 

The lesson here is don't doubt Buck's determination (or his elephant-like memory).

Scipio's scouting report is here.  Some highlights...

In a OL class that checks almost every box for player type, Buck Major checks another: the raw athlete with immense innate talent who isn't quite sure how to play football yet but dominates anyway...He's so talented, he can do things incorrectly and still crush people. He's a pure tackle all the way and has the athletic profile of a natural pass protector. He's a legit 6-6, 290 and he looks like an oversized DE - that's a flat belly on that big guy.

Welcome, big fella. With a line already featuring a couple of young pups, who knows.