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If you're not familiar with Twitter, this title might not make very much sense. You're also probably older than srr50.

It's not a typo. And it's not a long dormant Y2K virus.

It's incoming freshman PG Myck Kabongo's Twitter feed and he's already uniting nations with it. Myck doesn't accept the term Rebuilding, nor should you.

Saturday's Tweet:

"Long Horn Nation Safe To Say @SdotGibbs13 Is Hook'D ?"

That was two days before Ashton Gibbs' little bro, Sterling, committed to Texas.

Then Monday night, Barnes' best new recruiter, was at it again:

"D.D. Wednesday ? hmmmmmmm RELOADING!"

It's not D.D. Lewis Day tomorrow in Austin. That's in July. He's talking about Deandre Daniels, the kid who was supposed to come to Texas then Kansas then Duke and now has come full circle. Perhaps it's wishful thinking, or a new form of Afro-Canadian Twitter diplomacy where Kabongo is the puppetmaster and we're just along for the ride.

With Texas losing most of its starting lineup to NBA glory, Daniels knows he can come to Austin, log 30 minutes a game as a freshman and get set up by the best playmaking PG in the country before taking his talents to the League.

If that's the case, we just upgraded from NIT bound to firmly on the bubble. Clinging to Joe Lunardi's hair helmet. Relaxing on Kate Upton's breast. This is the New Physics brought to you by Myck Kabongo and we think you'll like it.

Here's some footage on Daniels from last summer. If you're going to rely on a freshman to come in and fill up the bucket, Deandre is a pretty good bet.