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Butler Boise St: Why Can't We Play Like That?

Here's my weekly opining at the SB mothership. I explored some of these themes a while back, but after Stevens made another championship game run and Petersen's record now stands at 61-5, it's even more relevant today.

The logic - promulgated by a media beguiled by the Great Man Theory of Coaching -- is persuasive: just hire the coach and you get their program. Add the Butler/Boise Way to the superior resources and prestige of a name program, give them elite athletes to coach instead of overachieving scrappers, and the trophy case will be bursting with hardware. It's little wonder that Brad Stevens and Chris Petersen are the two most coveted coaching candidates in collegiate athletics. Except that it hasn't worked. When Boise and Butler lose their sought after head coaches, their teams get better. And the big name programs that take those coaches almost always get worse.

FYI: SB is a national site. So keep it clean if you want to see your comments. And no one will understand our inside jokes there.