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DeLoss Dodds Is The Athletic Director Of The Year

The award was presented at the fourth annual Sports Business Awards, presented by the Sports Business Journal and SportsBusiness Daily.

DeLoss beat out finalists Bob Bowlsby of Stanford, Penn State's Tim Curley, Chris Del Conte from TCU and Utah's Chris Hill. Curley was eliminated for wearing black loafers with white socks. No word on our friend from down on the Brazos.

DeLoss, in his own words:

David Ubben shares his thoughts on why this was a once horse race.

Texas' total revenue during the 2009 season was $93 million, $25 million more than the next highest in college football, Ohio State. It's $35 million more than the most in the Big 12.

Of that $93 million, Texas made $68 million in profit, $30 million more than its closest competitor in the Big 12, Oklahoma.

Somebody bang that Taco Bell gong.

Congrats, DeLoss. RICHLY deserved.

In other news the Best in Sports Media award went to ESPN, narrowly edging Barking Carnival. Damn you, Ubben!