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Jim Delany And The Art of Face Control

My weekly column on the SB Nation mothership is up.

The highlights include mocking the credulous Gene Wojciechowski of ESPN, metaphors involving killer whale pods, vampire bats, and cover charges at Da Club. Here's your teaser:

So Jim Delany has been feeling magnanimous. He is intensely interested in the plight of the student-athlete, that famously under-appreciated maquiladora laborer of the college landscape. Tell me: When will the major college scholarship athlete finally get a fair shake in a society that worships accounting majors, race-walkers, and ballooning enthusiasts? How long will their anonymity and oppression continue? When George Orwell wrote about the horrific conditions of English coal miners in Road to Wigan Pier, I can only assume it's because the Clemson SID wouldn't get him a press pass.

I welcome your feedback.