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Aggies Ascending?

Wanted to share some links and a new site with you all.

First, you might want to check out one of SB Nation's newer blogs, Football Study Hall as it will continue to produce interesting off season reading.

It's run by Bill Connelly who is one of the guys from the the Show Me State redoubt, Rock M Nation. He also has some sort of shadowy alliance with Football Outsiders.

Basically, a bunch of excellent Huckleporn.

He's been breaking down teams' prospects for next season and he just got around to the Fightin' Texas A&M Aggies. I think it's an enjoyable read for both us and them.

He's got a section on pace and so I went back and read this post from Huckleberry about pace's effect on scoring.

Perhaps this post will draw Huckleberry out. This could have the added benefit of enraging HenryJames.

Keep on eye on that site as Texas, OU and others are on the docket.