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6/4 Sundry: Saturday Sporting Grab Bag

It's June, which means we have less than three months until football. 8-4 never sounded so good.

Our interns decided to show up to work for the first time in a few weeks and spent all Friday scouring the Internet for porn interesting links guaranteed to chew away the minutes until Taylor Jungmann takes the mound at 6:30 against the fightin' Four Dead in Ohios.

NCAA regional action is underway.

Both top seeds fell in the Anaheim bracket, with San Francisco shutting out UCLA 3-0 and the fightin Anteaters of UC-Irvine taking down Fresno State 12-6.

Here in Austin, Kent State upset Texas State in the early game 4-2.

Texas beat Princeton 5-3 behind a solid seven innings from Sam Stafford and a two-run bomb from Tant Sheppard, who responded well in his first start as leadoff batter.

Our Texas baseball insider, Matt Cotcher, reports that Augie will let the kids coach themselves until the Super Regional while he goes into silent meditation in hopes of discovering how to teach The Art of Hitting a Baseball When You Really Need To. We might be able to win the rest of this regional without swinging a bat. After that, it's a toss up. Huckleberry suggests at least 7 hits per game to improve your chances of winning. Unless Taylor Jungmann is pitching -- Texas has never lost a game at home in three years with Jungmann on the mound.


Along with Gary Busey, Michelle Beadle, and Brickhorn's wife, Mike Leach remains high up on my Top Ten List Of People To Get Blackout Drunk With. While waiting for the perfect coaching job that doesn't exist, Leach has become the defacto tour guide of Key West, rollerblading through purgatory ...

By now, Leach is familiar with every corner of purgatory. Not just the back roads. He knows which hotel lobbies to cut through. Which restaurant patios have a water cooler. Which stores allow you to pop in, use the facilities and exit without drawing a glare.

“You got to kind of know the deal,” he says.

He’s walked almost every inch of the island. On Duval Street, where the soundtrack has just two songs — revelry and debauchery — Leach weaves through the tourists and points out landmarks. “Need a little ink? Go here,” he says. “Need a piercing? This is your spot.”


Texas his hosting two more junior days on June 5 and 12. The band of merry pranksters at the 'Cosm has you covered. Check the @recruitocosm twitter feed over the weekend for live updates and guaranteed commitments from at least three 5-star OOS studs, with a minimum of two from Florida, or Jesus will issue a full refund. That's pretty much the best deal on the Internet according to our newest intern ...

Sukanya Roy says suck on deez vowels after winning the 2011 Scripps Spelling Bee by correctly spelling cymotrichous, a synonym for Scipio's preferred coif: wavy hair.

She beat out 3,000 applicants, including Ramonce Taylor, Antoine Walker, and Rick Perry's daughter for the toughest job to land in Austin - Provost of BC Interns. So if you see any typos on this web site over the summer, it's Sukanya's fault.


Erase your recordings of Glee and set the DVR tomorrow morning for the Federer / Nadal French Open final. Fed looked surprisingly sharp dispatching Novak Djokovic in the semis. This could be Fed's last chance at a clay court title before the young guns take over. BC's infallible predictatron likes Nadal in five sets.

Some chick named Li Na just won the women's final. Ever heard of her? Na ha Na ha! First the Koreans take over women's golf now the Chinese take over women's tennis. A famous president from Texas once said, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice ..."


The US Men's Soccer team takes on World Cup Champs Spain in a friendly match from Foxboro today at 3:30 CST on ESPN2. After failing to deploy into full superstardom as a 12 year old, Bob Bradley is unleashing his secret weapon in Freddy Adu. I'm sure Spain is nervous.


Jon Stewart was humbled in the presence of Tim Tebow on Thursday night

So much so that he didn't get in the typically incisive questions about filipino circumcision, Jesus' preferred hair gel, or when Tebow would become Head Pastor starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos. Instead, they discussed his new book "In My (His) Eyes" with some banal foreplay about getting out of going to church as a kid if FSU beat Florida to avoid being mocked by young Seminole Warriors for Christ. Or something.

Tebow thinks college players should get paid enough to afford a dinner at Outback Steakhouse. But once that door is opened, they'll be booking reservations at finer establishments like Applebee's and Red Lobster.

Where does the madness end, Tim?!

"In 2012", quoth Tebow.