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Rachel McCoy Steps In Poo, Still Manages to Look Hot

Easy on the eyes, tough on boosters.

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Great point @ESPN_Colin to hold "grown ADULT boosters accountable in all this NCAA violation stuff. "Quit being leeches" AGREED!!less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Listen and face palm.

There's actually nothing THAT scandalous or incriminating here, but the inexactitude of her comments - alternating between speaking of her experience with Colt vs a broader commentary on kiss-ass leeching boosters; pointing out that players are aware of what is and isn't proper and at the same time holding that they aren't sure; along with her theory that college age males have to respond to agents (and the insinuation that some of Colt's teammates did) because it's respectful of authority - makes for some fodder that looks bad for Texas.

At least for the five hours of news cycle that this will be passed around and quickly forgotten.

I agree with her assessment of booster-sycophant types, but calling a national radio show to hold forth and throw Texas, even if unwittingly, under the bus is really ill-advised. Some boosters do indeed feed their pride based on their association with high profile athletes, but how exactly does she think she got on Colin Cowherd? Just a random caller who luckily made it through the caller queue?

So what did that call feed in her?

I'm guessing something healthy and low-carb. We're putting you in Pilates time out until you repent for your crimes, Rachel.