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Bedlam and Holgo

Twitter is the new mail bag.

This came across the wire today: Bedlam overtakes Oklahoma-Texas as Big 12's most anticipated football game.

Or as we call it, Texas/OU.

When I first read the title and realized it was from our old friend Berry Tramel, I was pissed.

Then I read it.

And got pissed off again.

He's right. The Sooners have a quarterback some think is better that Andrew Luck (cough) and are a preseason #1 ranking according to the gambling degenerates.

Pokes have T. Boone.

t boone

And Chris Weinke.

But what they don't have is Holgo. Holgo has been, busy... Check with The Smoking Musket for the latest (including video).

There's also more Barry Tramel on the father / son relationship that developed between Holgo and Gundy. Or Gundy and Holgo. Offensive Think-tank.

But most importantly please do check out Cowboys Ride For Free, where they have a cross-section of Dana Holgorsen's brain.

Seriously, click that. I don't want to steal their thunder.