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Cliff Harris wants to take you on a joy ride

Oregon safety Cliff Harris was clocked at 118 mph in a 65 mph zone.

At 4.32 a.m.

With an expired license.

In a rental car paid for by an Oregon booster.

It's only fair Cliff sends said University of Oregon enthusiast the $1,148 bill, right?

Chip Kelly comments:

"I've said from the beginning that it should be a privilege to play football at the University of Oregon. With that said, individuals must bear the responsibilities for their own behavior," Kelly said. "Once we have finished shredding collecting all the information in this situation, we will determine the appropriate action ..."

Actions may chosen from the following list:

1. Get proper instruction for Driving at Excessive Speeds at Oregon International Speedway, repeat flight from cops to prove competency.
2. 100 hours of community service - OR - clean Phil Knight's limousine fleet for a week.
3. Admit to teammates he finally got caught from behind, isn't 'fast as shit'.
4. Suspended for yet to be determined non-conference game in 2015 when eligibility has expired.
5. Lecture Eugene elementary school students on the the mantra of Oregon student athletes: Another Day, Another Dolla.

At least the school isn't denying it ever happened, which has been a preferred PR move from the quack braintrust in the past.

And it's not like Oregon would be losing a key player.

Here's Cliff "Kash" Harris' 13 minute highlight reel featuring the very mixtape that inspired shaggybevo's own in-house recording artist Derka Derka to grab a mic and hit the decks, yo.

Fulmer points well earned, Cliff.