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DeLoss Dodds and Institutional Control

It is barely mid-June but it has already been a helluva off season for College Football. Jim Tressel and Ohio State forgot the lesson that the cover up is almost always worse than the crime.

It appears that out West, Oregon is running a unique car rental system.

It only took seven years, but the NCAA made it official by finally stripping USC of its 2004 National Championship.

A former Longhorn gave an inside look at how institutional control is more than just a phrase at Texas.

Of course just a little bit later, the wife of another former Longhorn decided that a national radio show was the perfect platform to discuss the tempations facing Texas players.

Now NCAA President Mark Emmert will hold a two-day retreat in August with about 50 school presidents or chancellors to discuss the future of Division I sports.

All of this is great time-filler during the off-season, but according to ESPN's Ivan Maisel, Texas Athletics Director DeLoss Dodds sees no reason to complicate the situation.

"We preach this every day: if you know something’s wrong, tell everybody the first day. Tell the president, tell the NCAA, tell everybody the first day. Then, regardless of the size of the problem, it doesn’t get bigger. I tell our staff, ‘If you go to bed at night knowing something that you think may be wrong, you’ve started a cover-up.' "

Once again -- this isn't about perfect. This isn't about how pristine Texas is -- there is no need to waste bandwidth with "Texas is just as dirty as anyone else," or any other troll-driven drivel.

This is about Creating a Culture of Compliance.

You either do or you don't.