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Baltimore Drivers and NFL QB’s Beware: Sergio Kindle Cleared to Play for the Ravens

Some people just need a full-time driver. Like the guy from Illinois that racked up 22 DUI's before finally losing his license.

Sergio Kindle is another one.

After multiple texting-behind-the-wheel-while-possibly-shitfaced adventures that left one apartment building in Austin missing a few hundred bricks, followed by a mysterious narcolepsy event that sent Sergio tumbling down a stranger's stairs in the middle of the night after a party, it's good to see Kindle get a chance to leave his mark on a football field again.

"I'm (100 percent) now. I've been (lifting weights) since I got to Baltimore," Kindle said. "Now I'm actually training, football training, without the contact. Now I just have to wait and see whatever the lockout does so I can give it a shot...

"I'm trying to get on (ESPN's) SportsCenter," he said. "That's something I've wanted to do my whole life. That's my lifelong dream. To actually hit the field, I'll just have to give thanks, because (God's) the one who got me there."

Actually, Sergio has already been on SportsCenter for nearly beheading Taylor Potts and perhaps doesn't remember.

As demonstrated above, a properly motivated, healthy Sergio Kindle is a still a dangerous weapon and if there's actually football played this Fall, Baltimore will find a way to deploy him in lethal ways alongside Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, and Ray Lewis.

And that limo better be waiting after every game.