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Longhorn Network Programming Notes

We've got Ricky Williams and Rick Barnes up in Chicago at the repetitive National Cable and Telecommunications Association Cable Show helping get distribution for the network which is set to launch on Friday, August 26.

While the complete schedule of programs will show up later this summer, the ESPN folks running this thing did mention a few of the initial shows that you will see.

Longhorn Extra (10 p.m. CT) - A nightly news and information show dedicated to the University of Texas. Every Monday through Friday, viewers will get highlights, updates, analysis, interviews, and behind the scenes looks at all 20 varsity sports teams.


Rewind with Mack Brown (Mondays, 7 p.m.) - Exclusively on Longhorn Network, airing Mondays after every game, Coach Mack Brown will breakdown that week's match-up, highlighting key plays and turning points, with a no-holds-barred attitude that Longhorn fans have come to expect from him.

...with a no-holds-barred attitude that Longhorn fans have come to expect from him.


This show has a chance to really pin the needle on the unintentional comedyometer. I wonder if Mack wishes he could launch Rewind a few years ago.

Texas All Access (Wednesdays, 8 p.m.) - Each week, viewers will get a never-before-seen inside look at a Texas team or group. During Wednesdays in the fall, the show will focus exclusively on the football team with camera crews embedded with the coaches and players to provide access to the inner workings of Longhorn football.

I get that this will probably sterilized beyond recognition but I am still pretty excited to check some of this out.

Game Plan with Mack Brown (Thursdays, 7 p.m.) - Exclusively on Longhorn Network, every Thursday during the season, Coach Mack Brown will preview the upcoming match-up with an inside look at game preparation and a breakdown of the keys to victory.

Don't show 'em our trick plays, Mack!

• Texas GameDay (two hours prior to kick every Saturday) - In the mold of ESPN's Emmy Award-winning College GameDay, Texas GameDay will be live from inside the stadium prior to kick-off for all home football games, and live from its Austin studio for all away games. Through a unique blend of talent, insights, analysis, and fan interaction, the show will build excitement around the game, providing viewers and fans with a full game day experience.

So long as Desmond isn't involved, I'll take a gander. We need an ATX Erin Andrews.

Dave Brown, Longhorn Network vice president for programming and acquisitions:

"We mean it when we say Longhorn Network will provide robust, unprecedented coverage of University of Texas Athletics. These shows will exhibit the same high quality ESPN viewers are accustomed to and represent just a portion of the many great shows we have planned for Texas fans."

Mack Brown:

"Whenever you're involved in a first of its kind project like Longhorn Network, you know it's going to have a dramatic impact on your sport. We're going to be able to give fans of Texas and college football an inside look at our program like nobody's seen before. It will give them a chance to see what it's like to be a Longhorn and get to know all the coaches, players and everyone involved in it on a much more personal basis. It's a very exciting opportunity for us, and one we're thrilled to be partnered with ESPN on. We're eagerly awaiting the start of the season and the launch of the network in August."

Dude is not barring any holds.