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Vince Young And Two Lennys

Len Pasquarelli of Sports Xchange on FSN seems to think VY has been taking financial guidance from Lenny Dykstra or somebody of that ilk.

Another guy who isn't getting much buzz right now is Tennessee quarterback Vince Young. The former No. 3 pick overall hasn't been released yet, but new Titans coach Mike Munchak confirmed he won't be back, yet there just don't seem to be many potential landing spots. Teams are troubled by Young's perceived lack of maturity, and a few are investigating rumors he may have mishandled his money. ...

He then goes on and makes a Lucky Pierre reference, so I give him credit for getting that past the Fox suits.

ProFootballTalk weighs in on Vince's play.

We went back and watched Young’s snaps from 2010. It wasn’t all perfect, but his play on third downs and his ability to fit the ball into tight windows was impressive. Take away the baggage, and he’d easily be the top name available this offseason.

Or as Peter bean succinctly put it, Vince Young Can Throw The Ball.

There are some great comments on the PFT thread and a shitton of amusing nonsense. One guy did point out, with respect to VY's play...

Take away the baggage, and he wouldn’t be available this offseason.

This is true. Dude has to get it together but it seems like he's made real efforts there.

I am ready for Vincent to play football somewhere and do his thing, whether that is being the man, being a journeyman or crashing out of the league altogether. Let's just get on with it.

I know where I am putting my money on this matter and it isn't with Lenny Dykstra.