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Desmond Howard Advocates Throat Punching; Allies With Woody Hayes


So when we last checked in with Des, he was at the Super Bowl pondering a bout of pankration with Matt Chris Phil Simms after Phil felt Des had had spoken indelicately about the young Vol's skill(s) as a QB.

Des took to the twitter, in situ mind you, and busted out with this missive:

At NFL-Xperience and Phil Simms just threatened 2 hit me b/c I said his son was 1 of the worse QBs in the SEC. I told him "LET'S GO!"

He continued:

I am DEAD serious about the Phil Simms thing. We all thought he was joking, but he kept going and said he wanted 2 take a swing at me!!


During the season we talked about the Tenn v LSU game and I said "u will see 3 of the worse QBs in the SEC" That's what Phil did not like.


It ended w/police stepping in between so I could continue my appearance w/fans.

I can only assume by 'fans' he meant a few dimwits from Ahnapee.

Now he's taken his Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motormouth Kings circus to Omaha where he had this to say:

You've got coach Bo Pelini, who played at Ohio State. He played at Ohio State when I was at Michigan. So he understands the Big Ten. He has that blue-collar mentality, that rough, rugged, physical style ... It has to sicken him seeing (the events at Ohio State). Guys who came up in our era, listen, if Woody Hayes was around now, I'm thinking he would grab Jim Tressel by the collar and punch him in the throat. Because what he has done to that program, it's just embarrassing.

Taylor Martinez may have just shart himself.

So now we have Michigan Man, Des Howard lighting every unintentional comedy roman candle he can find.

Excellent throat punch. Every man a printing press! Perhaps Des is one step ahead and the joke is on me. Either way, thanks Des. I hate the off season.

If you are not following Coach Bo, please do so now. I assumed it was a fake but after he tackled a bathroom attendant, I'm not so sure.

If you were to list your top three coaches you could see hitting a player, who would they be?