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BOMC Alive and Well in Pakistan

More proof that the burnt orange empire knows no bounds.

Six month's ago, 25-year-old alum Shanil Ali opened up a Texas Longhorn themed sports bar across the globe in his home of Karachi, Pakistan.

“I attended UT Austin and I became a fan of their basketball and American football team,” Ali explained to The Express Tribune. “After a while, I became a typical ‘longhorn’ and wanted to share their lifestyle and their love for sports.”

Rest easy Longhorn fans vacationing in Pakistan, you now have a place to slam down a Steve Nash Texan Beef Burger and catch the game at the same time. Madonna is also on the menu. Maybe she used to bang some former football players? Oh, Maradona. Natural connection there. Cocaine is a popular study aid for middle eastern engineering students that spend 20 hours a day in RLM for six years.

If Texas starts losing, just kick back in Ramonce's Hookah Lounge. You might want to go ahead and book a private room for 10/8...