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LeBron James, Kevin Durant Need To Get On The Block

Here's my latest entry over at SB Nation.

LeBron James, Kevin Durant Can Emulate Dirk Nowitzki With New Post-Up Games

Since George Mikan dominated the fledgling sport in the 1950s, the balance of power in the NBA has revolved around the center position. But, for a variety of reasons, there's a conspicuous absence of great centers in the modern NBA. Injuries have destroyed the careers of Yao Ming and Greg Oden, while Andrew Bynum's precarious knees make Lakers fans wince every time he falls to the ground.

Meanwhile, the last decade saw the rise of the multi-faceted seven-footer, with young big men seemingly drawing more inspiration from Kevin Garnett than Duncan. The result is a vacuum that the league's two most talented young players -- Durant and LeBron -- can take advantage of.

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