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Tuesday Sundry: A salute to Roy Miller, Goodwin takes flight, Sooners scout the 2011 Longhorns

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A salute to Roy Miller.

This Wednesday [June 15], myself, Justin Blalock, Tim Crowder and Quan Cosby - we are all going to Ft. Hood to welcome some new soldiers into the Army and also raise awareness for the memorial that they are building. It was just great that Coach Brown could speak on behalf of those soldiers, just encouraging them to come in and represent themselves well.

Roy was one of the best leaders in the locker room we've had in the last decade and you can see where it comes from. He was raised in Killeen by a military family and held his fellow teammates accountable when he arrived on the 40 acres, both on and off the field. In talking to a few current players, it looks like Keenan Robinson and Alex Okafor have stepped up to fill the leadership role on defense that has been void since Brian Orakpo and Lamarr Houston graduated. You know who is right there with them as a true freshman? Quandre Diggs. Natural born bounty hunter leader.

Texas has only one offensive player in Athlon's All-Big 12 first, second, and third teams. It also ranks fifth in overall selections behind OU, A&M, Okie State, and Missouri.  Two team conference my ass! The Aggies have been saying they're more talented than Texas for decades. Is it time you listened?

The breakdown of Athlon's 2011 All-Big 12 Team

First Second Third Overall
Baylor 1 1 3 5
Iowa State 1 3 2 6
Kansas 0 0 4 4
Kansas State 1 1 0 2
Missouri 5 4 1 10
Oklahoma 5 7 3 15
Oklahoma State 4 6 3 13
Texas 3 2 4 9
Texas A&M 4 1 5 10
Texas Tech 2 1 1 4

In prior years, you could dismiss these oversights because Athlon generally sucks. Mike Davis should be on the list. Not sure who else you could make an argument for this year, unless you're penciling in guys like Jaxon Shipley and Malcolm Brown based on projections. An "I Rode Bill Little's Dreamwagon" tank top for all if they end up on any postseason lists.

Marquis Goodwin jumped a personal best 27'4" over the weekend to win the US outdoor national championships, earning him a trip to Korea in late August for the world championships. For a guy that only participates in track half the year, that's an amazing feat and he's representing the university well. Go roll out 27 feet with a tape measure and imagine jumping that far without being catapulted by something from Mythbusters. Goodwin should be back with the Longhorns in time for the BYU game on September 10, hopefully sporting some new hardware. Trying to only look at the positives in losing one of our better wide receivers through summer camp and the first few games, Goodwin's absence also gives Jaxon Shipley a chance to lock down some early PT.

Luckily it's too late for Phil Knight to recruit Marquis to Oregon.

Former UT distance runner also Leo Manzano qualified for the world championships in the 1,500 meters. That's just not a name that <em>sounds</em> fast. Carl Lewis. Usain Bolt. Leo Manzano. Prove me wrong, Manzano.

Scientists blame global warming for A&M's unexpected success in non-revenue sports for 2010-11. There really isn't any other explanation, but this Star-Telegram staff writer offers a decent attempt.

Byrne also brought a new mission statement, "Building Champions," which was criticized by Aggies.

"People asked: 'Building Champions, are you kidding?'" Byrne said.


Dave Matter ranks the Big 12's Top 10 Offensive and Defensive position coaches. Duane checks in at #1, Giles at #4. On the other side of the ball, newcomer Brian Harsin makes the cut at #8. Greg Davis is still unranked.

A sooner blogger thinks UT will be better than you probably do this fall.

Don't expect to see the same Texas Longhorns on the field this year that we saw last year. It just isn't possible! I'm not at all saying that the Longhorns will jump back to the top of conference. I'm not sure you'll find anyone who is seriously predicting that and I'll even go as far Mack Brown would hands down be the Big 12 Coach of the Year if that were to happen. What I am saying is that five new assistant coaches hired to the Texas staff will significantly change the product on the field. The Longhorns won't go 12-0 but they will look different.

Do not trust this man.

Connor Brewer is honing his chops as a recruiting coordinator. After competing in the Elite 11 Camp at Pepperdine in late July, he's flying to Austin to spend some time on the 40 acres with Andrus Peat, the questionably human left tackle prospect from Connor's home state of Arizona. Every elite recruiting class needs a ringleader among one of the early commits and Texas has found its guy for 2013. With a year left in High School, Brewer already looks ready to compete at the college level. Luckily Pepperdine doesn't have a football program...

I'm sure we can find an Elite 11 here.