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My Biggest Regret Was Not Cutting Adam James...

This SI excerpt from Mike Leach's book Swing Your Sword on the Adam James fiasco is pretty interesting. Give it a read.

I assert the following (and you all know how I feel with respect to Leach and my Elephant Theory - namely, they're amazing to watch, but you never want to own one):

- Adam James is an overly privileged pain in the ass and representative of what modern parenting seems to be producing. Namely: You're all unique wonderful snowflakes and the world revolves around you and your whims

- Leach was a fool to take a marginally talented young man like that in his program no matter the upside of what his dad could offer in publicity as a broadcaster

- Craig James is an overwrought soccer Mom with wildly delusional political ambitions

- I believe Leach's account, more or less

- Leach's attempt to ascribe purely political/commerce motives to Hance's actions are irresponsible

- Leach has a lot of skeletons that Tech put up with long before the Adam James incident - this was merely a pretext for action

- Mike Leach - for all of his eccentricities - is an old school football coach who ran a tight ship with respect to player discipline

- On balance, Texas Tech is probably better off with Tommy Tuberville. Check the Tech recruiting classes. There's a sea change coming in dry Lubbock

Your thoughts?