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Gene Chizik Says The NCAA Is Hurting Auburn's Recruiting

Gene Chizik was in Destin, FLA last month at an annual SEC meeting attended by all the men’s hoops coaches, football coaches and athletic directors from that conference, AKA the people who pay the freight.

We used to frequent Destin on Spring Break trips. I've actually talked my way out of going to jail in Destin. Possibly a first. MD 20 20 Lightning Creek was heavily involved as well as an accusation of larceny... I digress.

It appears Gene didn't have quite as much fun in Destin on this trip, though he did have a run in with the law.

At this SEC NCAA confab was Julie Roe Lach, the NCAA’s vice president for enforcement. Vice President for Enforcement? Sounds pretty impressive. Does she carry a sidearm? A cat o' nine tails? You have to like having a job that might actually scare Nick Saban, though this may not be possible.

According to LSU hoops coach Trent Johnson, the presentation's purpose was to point out that the NCAA is cracking down on the scofflaws. When Ms. Lach wrapped up her presentation, Gene was the first one to get his hand in the air and he apparently hurled a barrage of questions about the Cam Newton investigation and why the NCAA hadn't officially announced that it was closed. His complaint, you see, is the lack of resolution around this case was hurting Auburn's recruiting.

The temerity.

Pete Thamel reported that Gene wouldn't let up which led to a very testy reply from Ms. Lach:

“You’ll know when we’re finished. And we’re not finished.”


There are some other really good quotes in there, so check that out.

So, who is still dangling in the breeze? I see Auburn, Oregon and Ohio State. Is Tennessee in any trouble from Kiffin? USC must be watching with keen interest. When is the next Yahoo story out? Who will be featured in that one? Where's Waldo Willie been? I hear it's an SEC team.

And since it's the off season, it's time to link up TTR's History of College Football Recruiting Cheating in 10 Parts.

Is the NCAA really getting serious? They are telling the SEC they are. I guess time will tell.

H/T Team Speed Kills