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Linking, it's like, easier than writing. So here you go:

Rick Perry was thanked by the EA Sports brass for helping with legislation or lobbying or something...NO POLITICS! Anyway, EA put Rick Perry IN. THE. GAME!

The Elite 11, a gathering of somewhere between 11 and 30 elite or at least pretty good high school senior QBs, is underway. Our man, Connor Brewer, is apparently acquitting himself admirably. He seems to be that guy. Keep John Gruden away from him. Tom Luginbill had this to say:

After seeing Brewer live in a few combine settings, it is clear he is a guy who thrives on being in a competitive form of the game, not just going through drills. While he lacks an elite arm for the downfield passing game, he continues to compensate with timing and anticipation of routes, receivers and where the ball needs to be. He is consistent fundamentally and balanced with his feet, which is why he is an accurate prospect. We feel he may struggle to consistently make the deep vertical throws or tosses that require power to the sideline outside the numbers. However, some guys are gamers and some guys look great in a workout -- Brewer is the former. There is a bit of an "it" factor with him. He rarely missed the strike zone on Monday.

He also assures us Gunner Kiel is not a robot.

I also found Connor's name being the first out of Trent Dilfer's mouth to be encouraging given the context.

I have missed 'it'. Hopefully, Connor brings 'it' to Austin.

LSU was in a spot of trouble with the NCAA after placing or receiving 3,484 impermissible telephone calls to or from prospects, parents, high school coaches or administrators.

Kelvin Sampson pours out a 40.

This line killed me:

However, the NCAA praised LSU for taking the investigation seriously.

I love Louisiana. Our Bayou Bengal friends do suspect more from the investigation on the Will Lyles front but are not sure they are doomed.

Comply like a champion today!

Looks like the NFL is just about a go. This means that free agency which usually happens through the summer will only be about 10 days this year. nobis60 will be back soon with more FA discussion. Also, I recommend signing up up to keep in touch with the Cowboys, Oilers Texans, or whatever your NFL team is with SB Nation newsletters. Our crack-addled team of editors will keep you up to date with the latest news from around the web.

Kentucky Wildcat blog A Sea Of Blue takes a look at which college coaches are earning their paycheck. Whither, Rick?

The discussion about Longhorn TV continues unabated. The Texas A&M regents have added a special closed door session. The agenda item is titled "Big 12 Conference".

The A&M insider added, however, that UT’s network, funded by ESPN, might put the league’s other nine schools at disadvantages on multiple fronts, and A&M is leading the way in checking every possibility – and also leaving its long-term options open should the league appear to have one dominating member thanks primarily to the unprecedented network. The Longhorn Network is a 20-year, $300 million partnership between ESPN, UT and IMG College.

North of the Red River, Joe Castiglione has some thoughts on the Sooners putative 24 hour network.

Berry Tramel says proceed with caution.

Many thanks to David Ubben for doing a lot of the work here. He's a must follow if you must follow this craptacular conference of ours.