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Vince Young Needs A Team

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And there are certainly a few teams that need Vince Young.

Miami. Oakland. Arizona. Washington. Minnesota. The Houston Astros.

Minny seemed like a perfect fit until the Vikings drafted Christian Ponder with a first round pick. I don't want to live in a world where VY can't beat out a rookie Christian Ponder, but here we are. Some of you still think it's egregious that VY hasn't taken Peyton Manning's job and yes we understand. 4th & 5 doesn't parlay the extra benefits it used to.

In this case, benefit of the doubt.

Miami is still the best fit in my book, wildcattin' South Beach with Ronnie, Ricky, and Chad. Which of those names does not belong? Besides, VY could use some Bill Parcells Tony Sparano in his life right about now.

Or perhaps a coach with reduced expectations...

Tony Sparano is perfectly happy with field goals, which takes pressure off a veteran QB.

While Vince is still technically property of the Tennessee Titans, he won't be backing up Kerry Collins this Fall. Or starting ahead of him. VY was also due a $4.25 million roster bonus on the 10th day of the season this year that he won't be cashing. f Jeff Fisher and anyone with salt and pepper goatees.

So with the lockout nearing resolution, VY is saying all the right things again, once again humbled by past mistakes and not having a job. You can only find this kind of cozy repartee from a local TV station reporter in Houston, but it may be the first interview I've read in a while where VY wasn't venting about something, speaking in platitudes about the Titans' coaching staff, or promoting his new steak house in Austin.

Young said it's tough not knowing where he will be playing in 2011.

"That's been tough," Young said. "The biggest thing is not being at the facility with your coaches.

"Just sitting back and just waiting until the lockout (ends), seeing whatever happens with that. Knowing that my agent, Tom Condon, is going to do a great job with that. Just sitting back and waiting until he says 'lets go Vince.' "

Young said he is no longer worries about what people think of him.

"I used to," Young said. "That's one of the things (University of Texas) coach (Mack) Brown told me and a lot of family members and friends. You can't please everybody. Just go out there and play VY ball which you've been doing since you were a kid.

"The only thing I know how to do is win. Whenever the lockout ends, I'm going to be ready to do the same thing. That's my calling, to be an NFL quarterback and to be a leader.

"Definitely want to get back to the playoffs and finish it off at the Super Bowl. That'll take a lot off my back," Young said laughing.

So the only question that remains is which team will Vince Young be winning a Super Bowl for this fall?

Pretend there's a poll here and cast your vote.