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AM OU To SEC if LHN Issues Not Resolved, According to Sporting News

More sound and fury offseason fodder and this is pretty juicy feed.

Check it out:

A source told Sporting News Wednesday that both Texas A&M and Oklahoma are so concerned about rival Texas gaining a recruiting advantage with the newly-formed Longhorn Network, the two institutions could turn to the SEC if the problems can’t be figured out.

That would be a substantial gain for the SEC and OU & A&M both going to the SEC obviates some of the concerns that either one of them might experience going alone. Perhaps it's a bluff, but when two major schools that recruit most of their athletes in Texas move their business to the most powerful and ethically challenged league in college football, Texas fans may move from smirking to sphincter clenching.

It's a landscape changer.

Or it may just accelerate the creation of super conferences five years before their natural course.

In any event, the game is afoot.

Disclaimer: the reporter is Matt Hayes. Yeah, that Matt Hayes.